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Because Sharktopus, Why Not?

My buddy, Ms K. Brooke “Otter” Spangler has an unholy love of SyFy channel original movies. So what to get such a person that will hold a place in their heart forever? This is why my wife has put up with my cursing needles and threads as I mutilated several Toys Backwards-R Us plushes into the hideous form of a Sharktopus. Otter got the box in the mail yesterday, so I can finally share this bit of arts-n-crafts time with the world. None of this has anything to do with webcomics, other than my usual admonition that you should read A Girl And Her Fed because it’s really good, and that Otter’s got an in-universe series of prose stories that she’s been working on, and she is a hell of a writer.

The annual nerd-wrangle kicks off in about … 10 hours, as I’m writing this; rather than try to do daily posts, I’m going to do my best to update as information hits me, so look for lots of random updates. As always, RSS is your friend.

For those not entering the Nerd Herd of the Mexican Frontierland, may I direct you to a show that you can attend from the comfort and convenience of your own home? ComfyCon is the brainchild of Corsetto and Milholland, who really shouldn’t be allowed in each other’s company, but what are you gonna do. Neither of them is making it out to San Diego this year, so they’ve announced a virtual con to take away the lonelies:

The idea is simple. Danielle and I are gonna do video conference panels – some together, some alone – for any readers who wanna show up. We talk, answer questions, swear… all while in our pajamas or whatever. No travel. No cost to attend. No con flu or “too many people in the room” smell.

We’re also talking to a few other webcartoonists about “attending,” namely:

  • Howard Tayler
  • My tenative schedule (up for change – check the site every day around 10am ET for updates):

    • Thursday: 9:00 pm EST panel with Danielle
    • Thursday: midnight-ish, EST, late night S*P ramblings
    • Friday: 9:00 pm EST general panel/hangout
    • Sunday: 9:00 pm EST panel with Danielle

    Google+ is likely going to be the engine for the hangouts, so keep an eye on the Something*Positive site, or Randy’s twitter for announcements.

    There is no day complete without a sharktopus in the mail.

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