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Big Damn Number

Short posting today. I’m certain that you will, somehow, perservere.

  • Ever wonder how many pages of comics James Kochalka has done, updating American Elf as a daily diary since 1998-ish? The first comic in the AE archive is dated 26 October 1998, and the most recent is 3 July 2012, which happens to be exactly 5000 days if we count both the start date and end date¹. I’m certain that the mathematical possibility exists that there’s a day or two missed in that time, but I’m not going through the 164 months of archives to count up how many there might be; let’s just agree to call it 5000.

    Big number. Imposing. Solid. A little intimidating, if you want to be perfectly honest, so perhaps it’s not just a good thing, but the best possible thing, that Kochalka is planning a comprehensive e-book program:

    We’re going to digitally publish new volumes each month, each volume collecting a single year of the strip (except the first volume which collects all of 1999 plus the tail end of 1998).

    So if you’ve got the means to read an Apple-type book file, each year (or in the case of the first volume, year-plus) of comics is available for two bucks at iTunes, with the first volume available now. Rounding off very slightly, that’s about US$25 for about 5000 pages, or half a penny per page for some of the most important comics of the past forever.

  • Updating the Fleen Field Guide To The North American Webcomicker, I missed Eliza Frye’s name on the exhibitors lists, but fortunately received an email from Ms Frye herself² fixed that oversight. Frye will be debuting Regalia, her recently-kickstarted collection that includes nine of her stories (including The Lady’s Murder, nominated for an Eisner in 2009 and well deserving of the recognition) at the show. You can find it, and her, splittingn time between the Small Press Pavilion (table M-04) and Artists Alley (table DD-07).

¹ Kochalka was somewhat more modest, only noting it was “like 4500 comics”.

² I’m not saying this is the first time I’ve received a piece of SDCC PR that was actually helpful, but let’s just say that my Spam folder is looking unusually well-stocked at the moment, or would be if I didn’t empty it about fifteen times a day.

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