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It Is A Holiday, But There Is News So Can I Have The Day Off? Surely Not. And Were It Not A Holiday, Would There Be News? Surely Not.

Much as I want to just eat grilled things in the manner of my people, there is something to discuss, albeit briefly due to a paucity of reliable details.

Late yesterday afternoon, just before offices and businesses and courts closed for the holiday, Charles Carreon withdrew all his suits related to Matthew Inman making him and his client look foolish.

None of the principals have, as near as I can tell, commented publicly on the dismissal. The best analysis (hampered by the lateness of the filing and the incipient holiday) remains that of Ken White at Popehat, who reminds us that this may not be the end of the crazy. Hard to believe that somebody might momentarily decide to stop digging the hole that he’s in, pause, reflect, and then go back to digging, but weirder things have happened.

Should the story flare up again, we’ll be sure to take note; in the meantime, I just want to see what the picture of the money looks like.

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