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Update to add: I will be noting people I missed the first time around in later postings and adding them after the fact here (although I’m not redrawing maps). Keep coming back!

At long last, the 2012 edition of The Fleen Guide To Webcomickers In The Wild is releasing today (and, as always, corrections and additions are welcome), but first a quick followup on an old story. One may recall that last month I spent some time playing Pai Gow with Mike Krahulik and Robert Khoo in Las Vegas, and as a result learned about their new Lookouts comic with Cryptozoic Entertainment. This morning the good folks at Cryptozoic were kind enough to send me some additional info, which I am happy to share with you.

Issue #1 will debut at SDCC, rolling out to comics shops in late August; those of you with Comixology accounts can jump on that bad boy on 6 July. This will be an ongoing series, broken up into six-issue story arcs, each focusing on the Lookouts earning a particular badge. Personally, I’m most interested in reading the excerpts from the Lookouts Handbook which will be featured in each issue. Oh, and the SDCC issue will feature covers by Krahulik and Doug TenNapel, obtainable from Cryptozoic’s pop-up store in the Gaslamp.

Okay, Comic Con floor map. You can get the full thing here [PDF], or just use the images I’m including instead. We’ll start with the full floor map:

… and use it as our basis of comparison. Most of the people that have something to do with the sorts of things we talk about here are concentrated in the right half of that map, so let’s zoom in on that a bit, shall we?

As you can see, three highlighted areas are called out: the Small Press Pavilion (at the top, in lavender), the Webcomics Pavilion (below and to the right of the SPP, in orange), and the Independent Press Pavilion (down at the bottom, in pink). We’ll be zooming in on some of these areas, starting with the two at the top of the map:

Webcomics Pavilion:

At this scale, it’s pretty easy to make out booth/table numbers, so now you know where to find a bunch of people¹, including Blank Label (that would be Spike, Willis, et. al., booth 1330); Blind Ferret (and, no doubt, a pyramid of Red Bull so large, it would take five men to lift it, booth 1332), Cyanide & Happiness (without the traditional Weinersmiths this year, booth 1234); Dumbrella (in the personages of Stevens, Bell, Gran, Yates, Rosenberg, and Alot, booth 1335); Girl Genius (and other associated Foglio-related projects, booth 1331); Halfpixel (Messrs Guigar et Kellett, booth 1228); Keenspot (booth 1231 for most of the Keen lineup, and also booth 1717 for more Crosby-oriented endeavours); Monster Milk (Becky and Frank and friends, booth 1232); Penny Arcade (I suspect that other projects will also be represented here as well, booth 1334); PvP and Kris Straub (booth 1237); TopatoCo (featuring Jeph Jacques, David Malki !, Brandon Bird, Sam Logan, Chris Hastings, Andrew Hussie, and Jeffrey Rowland, all thankfully moved to an end-cap and thus reducing the chances you’ll die in a crowd in the aisles outside booth 1229); and Two Lumps (alas, it doesn’t appear that Jennie Breeden will be joining them this year, booth 1230).

Small Press Pavilion:

Bob the Angry Flower (so … angry, table K-16); Mary Cagle with special guest Magnolia Porter (their debut, I believe, table M-05); Cloudscape Comics (various Canadian creators, though sadly it appears that my sibling-in-engineering Angela Melick will not be at table M-06); Ben Costa (chancellor of Iron Crotch University, table O-06); Eliza Frye and Sarah Becan (each debuting her new book at table M-04); David McGuire (whose second Gastrophobia collection is a hoot, table K-03); Moonbase Press (including Bill Holbrook and John Lotshaw, table L-02); nemu*nemu (they’re coming all the way from Hawai’i, so drop by to see them at table O-14); Sorcery 101 (where it is possible others will be joining Kel McDonald at table L-03); and Wire-Heads (who I will mention every year, because how many other guys do I know named “Jimbo”? Table K-04).

They’re not in either Pavilion proper, but the good folks of Oni Press, who deal with many webcomics people, should also be visible over there to the left.

Now let’s hop over to the Independent Press Pavilion for a moment:

Independent Press Pavilion:

Axe Cop (NB: the Axe Cop homepage does not list SDCC as an appearance, so it may be kind of empty at booth 2306); Unshelved and Zach Weinersmith (booth 2300, and shhhh!).

Now let’s look a little further out of the immediate pavilions, yes?

Using the pavilions, you should be able to navigate pretty easily to find Alaska Robotics (with special booth guest Marian Call, oh my goodness, booth 1033), the Cartoon Art Museum (whose ongoing sketch-a-thon will attract a plethora of talent too numerous to list here to booth 1930); immediately behind CAM, you’ll find Weregeek and Little Vampires (booth 1831); the aforementioned Doug TenNapel (getting ratfisty and nnewty at booth 1601); Drawn & Quarterly (one may find Kate Beaton calendars at booth 1629); and First Second (where one may find Vera Brosgol signing, or cowering, or both, booth 1323).

We’ll have to go a little outside all the prior areas for the next hot spot:

BOOM! Studios/KaBoom are all off by their lonesome, but they’re where you can find all your Adventure Time/Marceline and the Scream Queens needs met, including possibly appearances by some of the many webcomickers that have worked on those books (booth 2743). Finally, not really fitting in on any of these maps (except for the right-hand one up above), between the big blocks marked MARVEL and SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES you may find Bolt City Productions, for all your Flight-related needs (booth 2235).

Okay! Time to leave the right half of the hall and venture waaaaay down to the left half:

Literally at the far side of the hall is where you’ll find the Artists Alley, and in its vicinity, one more webcomicker. Zooming in:

Hall G:

That red circle you see? UDON, where one may presumably find the mad-talented Jim Zub, not to mention TCAF showrunner extraordinaire Christopher Butcher at booth 5037. In the Alley proper, one may find the likes of Katie Cook (table GG-01), the return of Eliza Frye and Sarah Becan (when not in the Small Press Pavilion, table DD-07), Chris Giarrusso (table FF-17), Karl Kerschl (table II-09), and confidential to Chris Sims, Funky Winkerbean creator Tom Batiuk (table II-11)!

One last bit to mention. On that last map, and the one of the right-half outliers, you notice the green circles? Those are the Hero Initiative (booth 5003) and the CBLDF (booth 1920). Be sure to give ’em a couple bucks.

Whew! Lots of webcomickers to catch up with this year. Thing is, I know that other creators are attending, so if you know of anybody that’s co-boothing and not specifically listed, let me know and I’ll update here, thanks. Come back tomorrow and we’ll have the first roundup of programming information.

¹ Please note that I’m going by the names as listed on the SDCC site, which means that I don’t necessarily know if somebody is booth-sharing if they’re not listed under their own name. Corrections cheerfully accepted. title=Click to see the section of the floor where you

Keenspot’s Comic-Con details can be found here:

Bill Holbrook (Kevin & Kell, On The Fastrack, Safe Havens) will be at the Moonbase Press booth, which is L-02. I’ll also be there, with a few of my wares from Accidental Centaurs.

Weregeek and Little Vampires at booth 1831.

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