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In case anybody’s wondering, yes — volunteering as an EMT is incredibly satisfying when you help somebody that is in distress and they’re appreciative. But when trauma patients end up in tough spaces that require a lot of bent-over lifting/moving, your back really hates you the next day.

  • Just in time for me to not have to do analyses any longer, Zach Weinersmith launches his Kickstarter for his new user-driven narrative book, Trial of the Clone. Let’s run down the checklist, shall we?
    • Goal at 150% in 24 hours? Check!
    • History of exceeding goals by truly fantastic amounts? Check!
    • That little special Weinersmith sumthin’¹? Check!

    As previously noted, I read and supplied comment on an earlier version of TotC about two months back, and at the time it was pretty much only missing artwork. It’s a solid, funny, challenging, well-put-together piece of user-driven entertainment, and there are backer levels that will get you a poster which is a flowchart of the entire damn decision tree.

    Oh, and remember that bit about not having to do analyses? Turns out that Kickstarter have launched their own statistics page which makes a lot of the number-crunching that I was doing unnecessary. Glory be! Hat tip to Caleb Goellner at Comics Alliance for noticing the stats page way before I did, and a double hat tip to him for spelling my name correctly. Glory be!

  • Speaking of incredibly prolific webcomickers doing stuff (aka: just another day at Fleen), Platonic Ideal of IPWDS Ryan Estrada dropped notice on two such projects. One, what appears to be a cover for a print version of The Kind You Don’t Take Home To Mother, could have been reasonably predicted by Estradaologists. But the other was a complete surprise, as Estrada has apparently teamed up with a stack of prominent creators to create a shared-environment story collection. Veteran Estrada watchers caution the public to remain calm, as several more projects are likely to appear without warning.
  • Machine of Death 2 news, as MoD impressario David Malki ! checks in from Finland with the announcement: MoD2² is to be published at SDCC next year by Grand Central Publishing, which is a subsidiary of Hachette Book Group USA, itself a division of Hachette Livre, which in turn is an imprint of Lagardère Publishing, which is (finally!) a division of Lagardère Group. Translation:

    [T]he short version is that (1) MOD2 will be released in July 2013; and (2) it will be released by the second largest publisher in the world

    Much has been made about the fact that publishers expect their authors to do a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of promotions and publicity, so maybe it’s not a bad move to pick up a book made by authors who do that sort of thing every day? Well done Mr Malki !, well done MoD2 contributors, and here’s hoping that none of us waiting for the book go crazy in the twelve months it will take to hit stores.

  • _______________
    ¹ For reference, that would be “hilarity”.

    ² Electric Deathaloo.

Why that is not a print version of The Kind You Don’t Take Home to Mother, it’s a brand new 168 page story featuring the same characters! And make that MULTIPLE shared-universe story collections! I HAVE SO MANY SECRET PROJECTS IN THE FIRE. I have been working nonstop for months.

I know it’s not necessarily easy to spell, but the name is, in fact, Lagardère. With an r before the d. Lagardère. And if you don’t come to fix Lagardère’s name, Lagardère will go to you!

(Full disclosure: I am French; enough said.)

Editor’s note: Fixed. Merci beaucoup. That’s what I get for paying attention to the accents instead of the letters.

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