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How Hot Is It?

It is so hot out today, rumor has it, Aaron Diaz has been seen wearing a suit with only two pieces. Two pieces.

Man, Johnny always made those jokes look so easy. Regardless, it is hot as balls today (so don’t trip on them), and I am going to point you at some things and then go back to thinking cool thoughts.

  • I realize that AnthroCon isn’t on the regular circuit for a lot of webcomickers¹, but Ursula Vernon goes every year (for somewhat obvious reasons), and she did a nice post-mortem on her experiences in the dealer’s room. What struck me is her finding that prints are doing poorly for her, and I was wondering if other creators have found the same to be true. I’ve always had the impression that prints are a low-cost, high-profit item, and sincerely hope this isn’t a trend. Maybe fursuit gloves lack the manual dexterity to carry a print flat without crinkling it?
  • Sighted at the venerable (and webcomics-supporting) Midtown Comics in New York City: an announcement of a signing at their downtown location in the evening of 5 July by Our Valued Customers creator “Mr Tim” Chamberlain. All the details are here, save for the bit on the flyer that notes it would be very nice of you to actually buy something from Chamberlain in exchange for his time².
  • Mark your calendars: TCAF 2013 dates set for 11 and 12 May, at the TRL as usual. The exhibitor application process starts 1 August, so start getting your credentials together.
  • Speaking of really well-run shows and information well in advance, the Programming/floor maps for SDCC not up yet³, but there’s one to put in your calendar in ink: how does a sneak peek at the comics documentary STRIPPED sound?

    STRIPPED will be giving a special panel presentation Friday night, July 13th, from 7-8PM, in the combined rooms “25ABC”. Directors Fred Schroeder and Dave Kellett, and Editor Ben Waters will be talking about the film: How the project got started, the highs and lows of the process, and our hopes for where it ends up.

    Make a note! And can anybody tell me how to get ink off my Android screen?

¹ Although I’d love to see how R Stevens might fare there.

² I’m not saying that if you came to the signing and monopolized his time and didn’t buy anything that you would necessarily show up in the strip; I am saying that you’d probably deserve it, though.

³ Is it me, or is this cutting it a lot closer than normal? Preview Night launches in less than 20.25 days.

I would love to see the documentary early. I’ll content myself with having someone get it for me for Christmas!

I’m dying to see stripped. No wait, that’s the heat. No wait! It’s the documentary!

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