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Aw Man, Ray Bradbury

I imagine that many of you are taking the news that Ray Bradbury died about the same that I am — sad that we’ve lost such a creative voice, tinged with satisfaction that he lived long enough to see how beloved he was [AV, and probably NSFW]. Looking around the webs, lots of creators that were influenced by Bradbury are remembering him and their interactions with him. Thanks for everything, Ray.

  • In less depressing news, you learn something new every day; cross reference here, then tell me that Kris Straub hasn’t been planning this for, oh, seven years. I love it when the pieces of a long game come together.
  • Speaking of the seven-eight years ago time frame, these sketches from David Hellman’s sketchbook are gorgeous, and reminiscent of that time he started working on A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible, which just happens to be coming back. All in favor of taking up a collection to send Hellman to Italy every couple years, raise your hands. Thank you.
  • Working on that new Kickstarter rewards analysis that I mentioned yesterday — a major player in the form of TwoKinds (currently tracking to be the #2 best-funded comics project of all time) isn’t quite complete yet (it has another three days to go), but I think those last few days won’t significantly affect its contribution to the way I’m looking at things. Maybe I’ll just type in their numbers last.

I dearly loved “The Halloween Tree”. So strange, so wonderful. He will be missed.

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