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What The Heck — Anniversaries

For those of you that weren’t up around 3:00am EDT (GMT-4), it appears that webcomics has a couple of anniversaries to mention today. Let’s give some props for longevity, shall we?

  • First up, the only man that my moustache fears, Darren J “Dern” Gendron:

    Huh. Today is my sixth anniversary of making webcomics.

    To be slightly more specific, this is Gendron’s anniversary, not the anniversary of any single particular webcomic:

    My first comic was Dear Pirate, which was like Dear Abby, but instead people got advice from a pirate.

    Current Dernprojects may be found at the Dernwerks, plus the Monster Alphabet project (previously noted here for the achievement of hitting 5000% of goal on Kickstarter). Dear Pirate appears to exist solely in one plasticine-rich update and nowhere else.

  • And a bit more approximately on the anniversary date, Aaron Diaz¹:

    I started Dresden Codak 7 years ago and all I got was this t-shirt (and a career and prestige and personal fufillment).

    Although, technically, we’re a few months overdue on the congratulations:

    I actually technically started in March, but my first comic in the current Archives is June.

    Even if the date is somewhat approximate, Diaz still gets included purely for the joy and optimism by which he regards his webcomickry, even when in the depths of Sleep-Deprivation Work Madness, which I believe he refers to as “The Gauntlet”.

  • As long as we’re handing out the congrats, we ought to note that David “Damn You,” Willis concluded his latest Kickstarter (for the first Dumbing of Age reprint) last night at just shy of 300% of goal, or some US$30,000 (just under US$45/backer on average, exploiting the previously-identified sweet spot). It’s become routine for creators with established audiences to routinely pick up tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of supporters. I think it’s time to go back and run those numbers again, see what the normalized distributions look like.

¹ The Latin Art-Throb.

I’m reloading an archive of Dear Pirate. The old link is now a 404.

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