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When In Doubt, Pizza

Man, not much going on these days — lull between conventions, SDCC doesn’t have programming info up yet¹, couple of things I can’t talk about yet, and a pervasive sense that everybody else is in a holding pattern. So let’s go with the no-fail way to find something cool on a Monday², and set the WAYBAC machine³ for PIZZA ISLAND.

  • Over at Saveur Magazine, the latest Recipe Comix contribution comes from onetime Pizza Islandian Lisa Hanawalt, as she takes us through not just a Hearty Sausage & Sweet Potato Soup, but through the basis of all cooking itself:
    1. Make garlic and onion hot.
    2. Put other foods on top and make them hot too.
    3. Don’t put fruit in there unless you’re an expert!

    Honestly, it’s not too far off something Saint Alton would say, and I’m sure he’d approve of the prominence in Hanawalt’s artwork of the single most useful cooking implement ever invented: the cast-iron skillet. It lasts forever, makes food taste good, can block bullets, and is easy to draw. Everybody feel good for an implement from antiquity!

  • As long as we’ve taken a trip to Pizza Island, let’s drop in on Julia Wertz, who’s put together one of her best comics ever today. I’m not sure she saw this one as being particularly significant, or thought that people being clueless/dicks/clueless dicks towards her at conventions would resonate as it has today. Really, it’s mostly people not taking three seconds to ask, Is my behavior even remotely appropriate rather than actual malice. And while most of us don’t sit on the other side of the convention table and have to put up with this kind of nonsense, I like to think that most of us can shake our heads in wonder and have a bit of empathy for those creators that end up on the receiving end. Tl;dr: awkward interactions — compelling in a cringey way.
  • New format for the next while over at Octopus Pie: tall stories, told three or so pages at a time. Nobody does uncomfortable dreams like Meredith Gran (cf: here), so here’s hoping that fictional Brooklyn keeps up the heatwave that makes for fitful sleep for a while. For those of you that dislike scrolling, the individual pages are also available.
  • No pizza here, but Dave Kellett dropped some interesting hints via Twitter all weekend as his docufilm recorded a musical number with his buddy KateOatesMicucci. Photo to whet your appetite from the artiste herself. Innnnteresting. Can’t wait to see what this looks like when the film releases.

¹ We’re less than 40 days out from Preview Night — has the programming always been released this close to the con? I could be wrong here, but it seems like we’re cutting it close this year.

² I mean, apart from all of the webcomics that are utterly free and entertaining, but that’s not news.

³ If you don’t remember Mister Peabody and Sherman, I suggest you go back in time and convince your ancestors to get you born sooner so you can watch Rocky & Bullwinkle. You can thank me later.

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