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Gonna Be The Future Soon

Know something? You’ve gotten like 3500 words out of me since Sunday and I’m tired. Let’s keep this one brief for all of our sakes.

  • Seen online:

    last starslip drawn on may 30, 2012, 5:53pm, at abbot’s habit, venice, ca

    We won’t see if for some weeks, of course, but I can’t help feeling both a little happy and sad for Kris Straub. It’s been seven years, three titles (if memory serves) and one big ol’ reboot since Starslip (as she is now) started; saying goodbye to your creation can’t be easy, but wrapping up the story on your terms, tying up all the loose ends … that’s got to feel great. Thanks very much to Mr Straub for letting us take the ride along with him.

  • Seen in person: the Square reader has been a badge of office for people that are making your purchase options broader and easier at conventions. Waiting to get approved and receive that dongle in the mail has been a ritual for more than one webcomicker. So what does it say about ubiquity that I saw one hanging on the pegs at Staples for ten bucks yesterday?

I remember Kris announcing the end of Starslip on one of the last Webcomic Weekly podcasts. What was that, two years plus ago? He’s been planning this for a long, long time!

I’m planning on my daughter being the first baby sitter in town to take credit cards. “No small bills in your pocket for a tip, pops? No prob…”

Square’s retail roll-out has been around for a few months now. They’ve also fixed their supply chain issues. Also, any webcomicker that doesn’t have one of the newer hardwares (like the one pictured or the black one) should contact Square immediately for an upgrade. That first wave that so many of us waited 3-6 months for is so inferior to the newer hotness. Almost always reads the card on the first swipe, 3G/4G signal willing.

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