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On The Nature Of Card Games While Still Digging Through The Big Book

How about an open question: which webcomic should be the next one to get Munchkinified now that Penny Arcade is getting the Steve Jackson treatment? The most obvious candidates are already incorporated: Axe Cop is a full game and Skullkickers is a fifteen card supplement (as is Penny Arcade). Me, I’m holding out for the Moustache Fighting League supplement¹.

Naturally, one wonders exactly how long it will be before gamers bash together some rules to cross-breed the PA Munchkin set with the existing PA card games-slash-expansion, or the forthcoming Paint The Line game². I’m guessing somewhere between twelve and eighteen hours.

¹ Holy dog, are those strips really more than seven years old?

² In lieu of the audio tracks by Kris Straub for Paint The Line 2 (which appear to no longer exist), please accept this unboxing video of the Paint The Line card game.

How about “Battle Pugs” trading cards?

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