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Any Day Is Better When Queen, Georgia, And Susan B Drop In

They’re back, and with more broken spines strong characterization per panel than any other comic strip or book, Susan B Assthony, Georgia O’Queefe, and Queen Elizatits are kicking every head, fighting every evildoer, and wearing all the sunglasses. I honestly spent 20 minutes trying to decide which excerpt from The Strong Female Characters: Action Punch Role Model Strength Bomb to post, because the entire thing is inspiring. Ultimately the decision was made because Poop Yogurt is inherently funny. For those few of you that aren’t familiar with the SFCs, you can begin your education in the eradication of sexism here.

Events! Things are happening in and around the New York branch of webcomickry in the immediate future!

  • As previously noted, the Teen Boat!¹ book launch takes place on an actual boat tomorrow night, 11 May 2012, at 7:00pm. The venue is the Waterfront Barge Museum at Pier 25 in Manhattan (on the scenic Hudson River, a couple of blocks below Canal). On the off chance that you’re in the neighborhood and don’t like teens, boats, or books, it looks like the pier has mini-golf, so that’s all right. Look for creators John Green & Dave Roman to be signing, sketching, and singing sea chanties all night long. Rumor has it that Raina Telgemeier will be there, and while she would never want to take anything away from Dave & John’s night, if you happened to tell her how awesome you thought SMILE was or how much you’re looking forward to DRAMA, I bet she’d say thank you.
  • Same webcomics-time, same webcomics-city, but a different borough: Scott C opens his solo show, Tender Times, at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn. For those of you that can’t make it to 235 1st Street (roughly at the meeting point of Gowanus, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, and Boerum Hill, and mere steps from the Union Street subway stop on the D/N/R lines), Cotton Candy Machine will be having a pre-sale of Mr C’s art in their store from 3:00 to 5:00pm. For those of you than can make it, these gallery openings traditionally feature fun times and booze.

¹ Once again, our safety warning: Teen Boat!, the lighthearted, all-ages comic/graphic novel does not, repeat, NOT have anything to do with the most obvious web address that one might assume referred to said boat. If you try to browse to [no link], you will come across something particularly NSFW, and on the off chance it’s safe for your work, please shower thoroughly and get on a regimen of industrial antibiotics before coming within ten meters of me. Thank you. Especially don’t do an image search on “teen boat”. You’re welcome.

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