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We’ll Just Put This Here

How about some revisits to things from the deeps of time? Or at least 2004.

  • See, 2004 is when Kazu Kibuishi did a little comic miniseries called Daisy Kutter, which ran four issues and was collected in a nice book and immediately went out of print. It’s got an Old West + mecha sensibility, a palette and overall design that are similar to the much-heralded Tale of Sand, and even a primer on Texas Hold ‘Em before poker was on everybody’s minds and half of the basic cable lineup. It is, in short, beautiful, and all but unobtainable, except at usurious prices.

    Kibuishi is about to ruin the day of those hawking used copies for nearly forty bucks, because Daisy Kutter is, briefly, returning via Kickstarter, with an almost haiku-like reward structure¹. Four reward tiers, all of which get you the book, at price points that dominate in the low- to mid-range, with one pie-in-the-sky reward featuring original art from Kibuishi. Once the Kickstart runs its course, the books will be available briefly in the physical market, then once more it’ll be hard to find.

    The only reason I haven’t plunked down money for this one already is I have to check my bookshelves and home and verify that my copy is still there. It’s possibly that I lent it to somebody but if so I probably never got it back because who would want to part with comics this good? Only crazy people, that’s who.

  • Speaking of Tale of Sand (from a lost screenplay by Jim Henson, may his pointy felt collar always be green), the adaptation by Ramón Peréz² is up for a slew of awards this season, including multiple Eisners and Cartoonist / Créateur at the just-announced Joe Shuster Awards. The Shusters, celebrating comics from the Great Northern and Bountiful Canadian Empire, have always had a wide-ranging slate of nominees, putting superhero work against indy creators if it makes sense to do so.

    Please note as well the variety and breadth of topics and formats in the Webcomics Creator / Créateur de Bandes Dessinées Web category, where I’m rooting for Emily Carroll, rightly recognized for her multiple outstanding comics stories last year. The award ceremony will be held in September at Comiccon de Montréal / Montreal Comic-Con.

  • Finally, seemingly everybody in webcomics and their dog is getting in on a 30th anniversary tribute to Dig Dug being put together by NAMCO IP aftermarket conversion shop ShiftyLook. And by “everybody”, I mean including (and possibly more because dang that list of names is lengthy): Jerry Holkins & Mike Krahulik, Scott Kurtz, David Malki !, Matt Melvin, Randy Milholland, Krishna Sadasivam, Kris Straub, Zach Weiner, the nearly-omnipresent Jim Zub and, of course, Ryan North³.

¹ Short, but entirely complete in its aims.

² Whose whimsical, wonderful Kukuburi is much missed, but you can’t blame a guy for taking paying jobs first.

³ After all, that was Ryan’s dog, and they kind of come as a package deal.

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