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TCAF Happened

I can always tell how good a convention/festival I don’t attend is doing by how sparse the updates in my Twitterfeed are during show hours. And boy howdy, by that measure, TCAF ’12 was the greatest show ever, because I didn’t see anything while it was running.

If you want to know how the show went (consensus: Best show ever), check out the #tcaf hashtag over the past few days, or let the participants get home and put up the inevitable, glowing con reports.

One feature of the show is the annual presentation of the Doug Wright Awards, which honor the best in Canadian (English language) cartooning, and which are mercifully brief, featuring a total of three (3) categories: Best Book (self explanatory), Doug Wright Spotlight Award (for emerging talent), and The Pigskin Peters Award (for avant-garde or nontraditional work).

This year, surprising upwards of two people, Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant took the Best Book award, bookending her 2009 win for Best Emerging Talent¹. Given the (frankly, inexplicable) absence of Hark! A Vagrant from the Eisners, that leaves the Shuster, the Harvey, and the Ignatz as potential future wins, in addition to the many, many accolades it has received outside the comics-specific community. As always, the praise is well-deserved.

¹ Which appears to be the former name of the Doug Wright Spotlight Award, but the DWA website isn’t clear on this.

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