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Thank You, Variety

I was stuck, I mean really stuck for news on account of nothing was happening today, then 9:30 LA time rolled around and here are four words for you to consider

Axe Cop TV Show.

Brief version: Fox is doing late-night Saturday shows, in 15 minute segments, headed up by a former Adult Swim executive. Slightly longer version: nothing happens until next year, and there’s still three other program slots to fill before this makes it to air. And in the vein of wild speculation, I’m guessing that Los Bros Nicolle won’t be getting “never have to work again” money off of this, but I’m equally guessing that Malachai gets to attend college without a couple of decades of student loans to pay back.

Let’s hope that between now and then, the world doesn’t beat his creativity into submission; I imagine it’s easier to disregard somebody that says your daydreaming will never amount to anything when you’ve got a DVD screener that says otherwise.

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