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In Which Cool Things Are Found

Sorry, no unifying theme today, just a bunch of stuff I found to be neat.

  • First and foremost, congratulations to Dante Shepherd of Surviving The World, his lovely wife theSwede, and new infant daughter Cannonball. Expect a brief interruption in lecture, meaning the last of Shepherd’s lessons (until guest lecturers take up the slack) will be this fetus-themed installment with one heck of a disturbing facial expression.
  • As has become somewhat traditional in recent years among those that do comics in webform as well as print, Dave Kellett has opted to make it easy for Eisner voters to sample the material for which he is nominated in the category of Best Humor Publication. So if you’ve got network, and 24MB of drive space, and a PDF reader (please for the love of Glob, not Adobe Acrobat), point yourself over to here and grab a copy of Coffee: It’s What’s For Dinner.

    Those with long memories may recall that Kellett’s previous themed collection, Literature: Unsuccessfully Competing Against TV Since 1953, was nominated in the same category last year, but Coffee is sure to succeed where Literature sadly fell short. This is because Coffee has a secret wow factor, in the form of commentary by me mixed in with the Great Coffee Cup Lid Challenge of Aught-Seven. For truly as it is written, if Fleen be with you, who can stand against you?¹

  • Machine of Death 2 details? Yes, please! David Malki ! shares with us all today the titles of the stories contained in MoD 2 (title pending), along with a smattering of the creators that will be doing chapter art and comic strips. There’s even statistics, because if there’s one thing that MoD makes me think of almost as much as the stories, it’s the data². In all, writers in 46 different countries submitted stories², overwhelmingly from the US and Canada.

    Put another way, it’s 1958 stories from 1705 different writers, along with 151 art portfolio submissions from twelve countries. Some of the stories won’t fit in the book, but the Mod Squad have plans for them, never fear. Most interesting to me — even more interesting that the fact that apparently Rebecca Black4 has a story in the new collection — is the fact that seven creators (counting Malki ! and fellow editors Ryan North & Matthew Bennardo) are returning from Volume One, so if you liked the first one, this bodes well for you.

  • New from TopatoCo, five (count ’em, five) books are slated for Spring release, including new collections of A Softer World, Three Panel Soul, Dinosaur Comics5. MS Paint Adeventures6, and muthascratchin’ Three. Word. Phrase. My guess is that these will be debuting at TCAF (mostly because last week they announced that they’re debuting at TCAF), possibly along with the must-have con season accessory, delivered in a chariot fit for the gods themselves.

¹ Don’t answer that.

² Some of you will find it sad that I mean that literally and sincerely — the numbers and behind-the-scenes accounts that Malki !, et. al., have shared with the process of producing MoD material is beyond value.

³ Malki ! claimed 44 countries, but I counted 46. Or 47, if you count Antarctica, which isn’t on the list but totally should be.

4 Apparently, she knows all about death.

5 Continuing the secret book-title code that I totally know because Ryan told me.

6 Specifically, Homestuck, volume 2, which many said couldn’t possible be translated to book form without violating the laws of space and time.

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