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Normally, Mondays Don’t Have This Many Cool Things

Yep, Benign Kingdom hardcover, in today’s mail. I also got a copy of Evan Dahm’s individual book in softcover which I might be tempted to give away on account of it’s all in the hardcover, but there’s a place inside for a monster-huge sketch and MoCCA is just two weeks away, so … maybe. Also, the hardcover has a friggin’ ribbon bookmark, an innovation in comics previously seen only in things as nice as the BONE hardcover. What I am basically saying here is that the four creator teams and George kicked at least twelve separate asses in the production of these art books and you should all buy them all. The end.

Except, no, not the end, because — in a spectacular act of lede-burying — I have not yet told you that Meredith Gran will be the latest creator¹ to take a whack at comics dealing with the Land of Ooo, as she produces a new Adventure Time spin-off miniseries starring Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum and their band. Bleeding Cool got the launch story, but Gran has graciously agreed to an interview with me, and we’ll be bringing that to you as soon as her schedule permits.

If you’re paying attention to calendars you might have noticed that yesterday was 15 April, meaning the long-awaited launch of The PhD Movie is now available for you via streaming and optional download.

Don’t use that link, though. Use this one. It takes you to the same movie, the same ability to download, but it does so for 50% off, meaning that you can watch a feature-length movie that Jorge Cham and his cohorts put together with tremendous time and expense for five dollars (American). Seriously, we are into Louis CK territory here, with nothing standing between the creator and the audience but an entirely nominal sum of money.

In the absolute worst case, you don’t enjoy a movie for a couple of hours, it costs you and everybody around you a total of five bucks², and since you’re watching it at home instead of in a theater³, you can get completely drunk while watching if you want. Hell, since an actual theater probably costs like twelve dollars and you have to drive to it, you’re actually saving money to find out you don’t like the movie. Anything less negative than that counts as a triumph, and still only costs a fiver.

And if you totally love it (or know anybody in grad school, who will surely love it), you can get the DVD version for US$17 plus shipping, which is still less than this week’s craptacular Hollywood releases. That’s what they call a win-win-win in the movie biz, so you’d best get jumping if you want your share of the winning.

¹ I have literally lost track of how many webcomics people have a hand in the Adventure Time comics now, but the list includes Ryan North, Braden Lamb, Scott C, Mike Krahulic, Becky-n-Frank, Elena Barbarich, Emily Carroll, James Kochalka, and Lucy Knisley so far.

² So you get one less 1200 calorie drink at Starbucks this week, which maybe isn’t such a bad idea when you think about it.

³ Adding insult to injury, the theater is probably full of the sort of people that you find in theaters these days — the sort determined to make the moviegoing process as miserable as possible.

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