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Friday, And With It, The Birth Of The Weekend

So, what are you doing this weekend? Me, I’m watching the countdown timer for the release of Jorge Cham’s The PhD Movie, which now under one day, nine hours, and 30 minutes. Perhaps you are the sort of person that would like to engage the laugh-chuckles that come from recognition of your own graduate studies¹? Alternately, you may be the sort of person who would like to engage in some good old-fashioned Schadenfreude at the expense of your joyless, suffering, gradschool-attending friends². Perhaps you would even like to have these bouts of amusement while simultaneously saving money?

That’s where you’re in luck, Sparky, because The PhD Movie people³ have gifted us with a coupon which is good for 50% off the cost. We’ll be posting that on Monday, so come back then and we’ll give that sumbitch out. Oh, and in the interests of full disclosure, Jorge Cham has graciously given me access to a stream of the movie for which I thank him, but I’ll most likely be buying a copy of the DVD anyway on account of I think my niece might need a copy as a late birthday present, to help stave off her own thesis madness. Um, if you’re reading this, ignore that last part, Heather. Thanks.

¹ In which case, they are probably of the laugh to keep from crying kind.

² That would be the cruel form of laughter. Dick.

³ That is to say, Jorge.

What about coupons for those, who subscribed to youtube channel?

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