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Of Course He Registered It

Jeph Jacques, lover of otters¹, everybody. In the non-mustelid corners of Webcomicstan, various news items came out over the weekend, due to the confluence of ECCC, April Fool’s Day, and a spectacularly successful Kickstart. Let’s take them one at a time.

  • From Seattle, it’s not news that everybody had a great time and webcomickers generally went home with their merch supplies depleted (in some cases down to zero) and their pockets full of sweet, untraceable cash. Kids everywhere had a great time until they just fell asleep, the dears. But before the weekend was over, exciting news broke from Hurricane Erika about her recently-concluded (and sorely missed) collaboration with Jeff Parker, Bucko.

    Namely, Dark Horse will be publishing Bucko in the fall, giving me an opportunity to get some sweet Moen character art sketched in one of the funniest comics of the new century. Probably you could get a copy sketched in too, it’s just that I’m going to be sure to pester Erika until she relents. Here’s a hint, though — my sketch request will involve something that rhymes with free play.

  • If you’re reading xkcd today, make sure you’ve got JavaScript enabled, and keep in mind that it may be a different experience (although it uses the same comic title) as yesterday’s sneak peak. Per the alt text:

    Umwelt is the idea that because their senses pick up on different things, different animals in the same ecosystem actually live in very different worlds. Everything about you shapes the world you inhabit — from your ideology to your glasses prescription to your choice of web browser.

    And here I thought it was the little dots that means your band is sufficiently metal. More information about Randall Munroe’s latest experiment can be found on the internet.

  • That was quick. Skin Horse creators Shaenon Garrity² and Jeffrey C Wells launched a Kickstarter campaign to print volume three of the increasingly convoluted (and I mean that in the best way) paean to the Oz books and/or devastating simultaneous critique of Men in Black conspiracy theory and the civil service at around midnight, 1 April. Twelve hours later they’d met their goal (a comparatively modest US$4000), leaving a mere 59.5 days to top things up. I’m going to be very interested at seeing what the graph of their contributions looks like once June arrives, but I suspect it’s not going to look anything like those that I examine previously.

    The high-end rewards are very few in number, and much less expensive than the top rewards of creators like Burlew and Stevens, not to mention the rather narrow range of reward tiers (only eight distinct levels, from US$10 to US$250, with the top two tiers limited to a total of 10 people; I rather suspect those went to the first 10 pledgers). Already the graph looks like a Dirac delta function shifted over to the US$20 pricepoint; I suspect that will only increase in the coming two months, leading to a refinement of my Kickstarter rewards model to include these new data.

¹ Not to be confused with loving Otter and/or her webcomic, which is a totally different thing.

² Nexus, webcomics realities, etc.

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