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Well, That Was Fun

12:04:14 EDT (approx), I submitted my hotel request for San Diego Comic Con. Last time I was in the wrangle¹, it took me until about 12:06:30, which resulted in absolutely zero communications from the hotel reservation service for more than 72 hours past the promised response window, and no offer of a room for a full week (by which point you’re basically not in the same time zone as the convention center). I’m told that the system was better last year, here’s hoping that it’s better still this year.

Um, all those of you that were doing setup at/traveling to Seattle for Emerald City, hope you aren’t attending SDCC in a van down by the Tijuana border. But even if you do end up in a van, you have an opportunity that I don’t, namely to see what looks like the most topic-random and potentially wacky panel of the year. From Friend o’ Fleen Frank Gibson:

We are doing a panel with Bryan Lee O’Malley, it’s an Oni panel which has a late night talkshow theme, there is a cooking segment. Our lives can be somewhat surreal at the best of times. 7pm, Room 2AB on Friday! [emphasis mine]

Looking forward to seeing you for MoCCA! HOORAY!!!

It’s possible that last sentence was meant only for me, but Frank’s a friendly guy; I’m sure he’s looking forward to seeing you at MoCCA as well. Also, here is where I have to confess that I’ll be missing Sunday at MoCCA because I’ll be at a brunch featuring the musical and drink stylings of Dale DeGroff. Look, I love comics and all, but Dale DeGroff will have booze. Booze what I need.

¹ Which, to be fair, was 2010, the first year utilizing the present system.

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