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Steering Abounds

I gotta say, the spam comments that get submitted to Fleen are ever more amusing; I particularly liked this one:

This is in actuality a terrific webpage. written in a very vivid, using the grammar very well, give us to add a lot of fun. This is steering to be the best. Thank you .¹

This is the pledge that we at Fleen make to you: we will write in a very vivid and use the grammar very well so we may give you to add a lot of fun. It’s what every hack webcomics pseudojournalist aspires to do/be.

I’m probably missing people. Let me know and I’ll steering to be the best.
¹ Verbatim, naturally. The dude or lady in question very much wanted you to buy shoes.

² He’s dreamy.

“If you ever found yourself in Brad Guigar’s way, now’s the time to be somewhere else.”

Speaking as one:

Who has been in Mr. Guigar’s way day in and day out for more than seven years now–I am one of the three people left who stands between him and over one thousand U.S. dollar bills, as a matter of fact, as part of the ongoing Daily Grind Ironman Competition–I find myself oddly driven at this point to make some sort of braggadocio-laden comment.

Unfortunately, having never made such a comment before, I find myself at a loss. Maybe something like, “What’s he gonna do?? Become even more daily now??”

Oh, well…


My partner and I will be there for our webcomic, Frederick the Great, at table K04.

My partner and I will be representing our webcomic, Frederick the Great, at table K04.

Wait, what? You mean one of the co-authors of the bible on making a living from webcomics wasn’t actually making a living from his webcomic?

Er, sorry, I think Bengo just took over my keyboard there. Move along.

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