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We’re Good, Honest

I’ve been contacted by a number of people about Scott Kurtz’s comment on yesterday’s NCS nominations story. While I’m touched by the concern, it’s unnecessary. Two of the things I appreciate about Scott are his passion and his complete and utter willingness to let you know where he stands on any issue; it’s not always fun being on the receiving end of those opinions¹, but it’s always instructive. We’ve been over our viewpoints and opinions and I’m happy to announce that I’ve been granted provisional BFF status by Mr Kurtz², subject only to my completing something called “Operation Wigwam Wedgie”, the details of which will be revealed to me at a later date³.

  • Speaking of, I’m trusting you saw the mysterious tweets yesterday leading up to the announcement that the first of two guest weeks4 at PvP will feature an Axe Cop/LOLBAT team-up5. And we all know what’s not on deck for PvP the second week of Kurtz’s absence, so there’s that to look forward to.
  • Every year about this time, I note that Canadian comics awards seem to have a much higher ratio of unassailable quality nominees than those in other parts of the world. That’s because every year about this time, the Doug Wright Award nominees are announced, starting the season of comics awards with their bestowal at TCAF in just over a month.

    Anyhoo, the nominations are dominated by Drawn and Quarterly this year, with Kate Beaton up for still more well-deserved recognition for Hark! A Vagrant and Emily Carroll capping off a year where her recognition skyrocketed with a nomination for the Spotlight Award, which recognizes talent deserving of wider recognition (which she surely is).

  • For those of you wondering how Rich Stevens was coming along with prepping well over 3500 comics for e-distribution, the answer appears to be, Just fine, thanks:

    I hit a bit of a milestone last night– 2,600 comics down, 1,000 to go. The plan to stay on schedule involves being done with this first draft by the end of the week.

    The good news is that somewhere around the 2,000th comic… my wrist evolved like a Pokémon and my carpal tunnel pain seems to have majorly faded. I have no explanation for this phenomenon.

    I always said that Stevens was nigh-indestructible; only a world-wide coffee drought can even slow him down. That, or reeeaaaalllly expensive perfume6.

¹ If I only associated with people that agree with me 100% of the time, my circle of friends would be much smaller.

² I’m sorry, Kris Straub, I didn’t want you to have to find out this way, but what Scott and I share is real.

³ Hints have been dropped that the date in question will be 9 April, which by an amazing coincidence is Brad Guigar’s birthday.

4 Necessitated by Mr Kurtz’s travel to the far antipodes with former-BFF Mr Straub and sometimes homebrewer Mr Wheaton, despite the fact that it’s well known that everything in Australia wants to kill you. Everything. Godspeed, gentlemen, and watch out for drop bears.

5 Not a dream, hoax, imaginary story, etc.

6 ‘Cause it’s got a metal head!

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