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Couldn’t Tell You Before, But Now I Can

Congrats to Matthew Inman, Mike Krahulik & Jerry Holkins, and Jon Rosenberg as the first-ever nominees in the Online Comic division of the NCS Awards.

I’m actually kind of limited in how much it would be appropriate for me to say about this topic, since I was involved in the screening process for comics that were then passed to a jury, which determined the three nominees for voting. It’s not possible for committees of this sort to do their work in public so I won’t be talking about any of the discussions we had, except to say that the committee’s unanimous belief was that we should put the best work forward, and when we had doubts as to whether or not a candidate met the (admittedly imperfect) criteria, we passed them along.

With any luck, next year’s award will be better, and the year after that, until the distinction between media is gone and work competes solely on its merits. Like I said back in January, Perfect is the enemy of done, and changes of this magnitude will always happen incrementally. I’m proud to have been part of the first effort to overcome the inertia and get the metaphorical ball rolling.

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No footnotes Gary? I’m surprised. Congratulations on being on a voting committee.

Yeah, congratulations, Gary. You got to be a big shot for a weekend and all you had to do was help the NCS reduce us to our W-9 forms.

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[…] One of the things that I really enjoyed about participating in the process that eventually produced the first NCS Division Award for On-Line Comics was the sense that NCS President Tom Richmond was planning ahead. I have written elsewhere about challenges faced by the NCS in terms of demographics, in terms of seeing the need to change but also overcome decades of tradition to do so. I’ve written about how the inaugural On-Line Comic division award wasn’t perfect the first time around, and how that’s okay. Perfect is the enemy of progress, and this award will continue to change. […]

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