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Things Of Interest On A Thursday

Thursdays famously being the day that one just can never get the hang of¹, how about a few things that are readily hangable?

  • Questions have arisen in both the comments to yesterday’s post and in my twitterstream regarding exactly when Angela Melick’s Welcome to the Real World goes on sale. Looking back, I can see the source of confusion, as the WTTRW page mentions an on-sale time of 24 March 2012 11:00am PST, but when I looked up Pacific Time to get the offset from GMT, my search gave me the result for PDT, because we’re in Daylight Savings Time now. At least we are in the US; Canada may be a different beast. Also, the countdown timer would appear to zero out at about 11:00 Eastern Daylight Time, not Pacific. So how about we call it “a bit before lunch in Vancouver the day after tomorrow” and decide that’s close enough?
  • As long as we’re talking about things timing out, approximately nine hours from now, Jon Rosenberg will know exactly how much work he has to go to as a result of the Goats Kickstarter campaign, but early indications would point to “a lot”, given that he’s now obligated to return to weekly Goats updates. I’m hoping we see some Shazam Twix or Eva Pudenda sooner rather than later. Speaking of sooner rather than later, after this Kickstart wraps up, I’ve got some more musings on the whole idea of Kickstarter.
  • Go, look: a mutual interview (or “conversation” as the hep kids call it these days) between Chris Hastings and Ethan Nicolle is up at the Dark Horse website, and it’s damn good. Similarly, what may be the definitive answer to How Do You Break In To … ?² (in this case, comics) has been posted by Bryan Lee O’Malley, and it’s mandatory reading for anybody who wants to move from creative hobbyist to creative professional.
  • Events: Scott C has a new exhibit/gallery show coming up, this one paired up with the book release party for East Dragon, West Dragon, at the usual stomping grounds of Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California. Opening reception 14 April, 7:00 – 10:00pm, show running until 6 May, details here or here. For those on the opposite coast on 11 May, the book launch party for John Green and Dave Roman’s Teen Boat at the decidedly unusual stomping grounds of an actual boat. Namely, the Waterfront Barge Museum in New York City, which doesn’t have a street address, it has a pier (Pier 25, at Hudson River Park, in the vicinity of West Street and N. Moore Street). Fun starts on 11 May, 7:00pm, and you can ris-vip at the Facebook event page.

    Also, please note that I could have made any number of Guigar-level puns around words like “launch” or “moor[e]”, or embedded any number of I’m On A Boat mashup videos, and did not. You’re welcome.

¹ We salute you, Dentarthurdent.

² Short version: it’s not a discrete point in time with a secret handshake that gets you in the door.

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