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No Irrationals Or Transcendentals Today, I Promise

It’s too nice a day out for people to be inside reading comics; grab your mobile device and go read them at the park or something. While you’re doing so, please enjoy a few things that you may or may not have full access to.

  • Firstly, Brad Guigar¹ got out in front of everybody else (i.e.: he thought to do it) and interviewed Henry Kuo of Just The First Frame for Webcomics Dot Com. A’course, WDC has a paywall, so if you haven’t got a subscription, you don’t get to read more than the abstract. Without going into too much detail and diminishing the value that Guigar provides to his subscribers², I will say that I got the impression Kuo seems to have been caught slightly by surprise by how much his project has captured attention; he comes across as a very humble guy, and determined to make the experience of JTFF better for those that use it.
  • The last update of Teaching Baby Paranoia (the occasionally truth-adjacent weekly foray into the corners of history, culture, coincidence, and conspiracy) by suspected apopheniac Bryant Paul Johnson may have gone up more than two years ago, but he hasn’t stopped his comic and comiclike work. For the past few months he’s been working on a project for the Girl Scouts, who have a self-directed Make Your Own Badge program.

    Johnson’s role was to do illustration work, some of which is visible at the dedicated website for MYOB if you have an account. Which I don’t. Because I’m a 44 year old dude with no connection to any Girl Scouts³ who doesn’t want to get put on any lists. But for those of you who can set up access to the site (lookin’ at you, Miss Danielle), there’s a badge design tool that allows girls who have completed requirements to get their individual study recognized in actual, full-color, embroidered form.

  • How’s about we close on a topic that everybody can share? The recurring series of Recipe Comix continues on at Saveur, and has been on a bit of a dessert kick lately. How do you feel about chocolate soufflé, rice pudding, and halo-halo? If you didn’t at least silently think that at least one of those sounded delicious, you are lying to yourself.

¹ He’s dreamy.

² Also his hangers-on; in the interests of full disclosure, he has comped me a WDC subscription.

³ Aside from an unholy love of Thin Mints.

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