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Numbers Large And Small

What’s your favorite number? Mine is e, and in honor of this awesomest of numbers (it kicks π’s ass), all numbers in this update will be related to this most lasting legacy of Lenny Eulere0.

  • e7.31322039: That’s the number of consecutive Book of Biff strips by Chris Hallbeck, as of today’s installment. Everybody feel good for Chris and his Big Round Number.
  • e1.79175947: It’s not secret to readers of this page that one of my favorite webcomics is K. Brooke “Otter” Spangler’s A Girl and Her Fed, which celebrates e1.79175947 years online with a blowout sale in the store. Use the coupon code SIX for your discount of US$e1.5040774, but please note one caveate0.693147181:

    I do ask, though, please don’t use this code if you order one of the PDFs and nothing else. Sure, you get a [low priced] item for [half a dollar], but Paypal will slap me with fees and I’ll lose money. Just email me and ask for a copy. I have a standing policy of sending PDFs to anyone who is in a hard place financially. [emphasis mine]

    I just wanted to call out that last bit about Spangler’s sharing policy, because it’s a very cool thing to do that’s arguably to her financial disadvantage. Honestly, if you like stories about the intersection of liberty, responsibility, and technology, you should be reading and supporting her comice1.09861229.

  • e5.703782475: The total number of fancy (possibly schmancy) editions of Angela Melick’s second Wasted Talent collection, Welcome to the Real World. As noted last week, Melick has had to delay the planned release of the book to Circumstances Beyond Her Control, and unfortunately has had to push back further, by at least a week.

    There’s around-jerking being directed at her, and in some small attempt to help mitigate the situation, I’m upgrading my order from regular to Artist’s Edition, and if she gets further delayed, I’m upgrading again to the EXTREME Underwater Basket Weaving Edition [emphasis original]. After that, I dunno, I’ll probably have to make a casserole and bring it over to her place on the other side of the continent or something; I’m sure none of us wants to get that crazy-go-nuts, so if you’re involved in whatever paperwork is holding her up, knock it off already.

  • Okay, this has been a more difficult HTML-wrangling job than any post I’ve ever done, with the exception of the review of the first Dinosaur Comics book. Let’s just … let’s not do this again.

    Edit to change: the Otter link, because really, the Animal House gag is so old by now.
    e0 Okay, that’s a disputable claim, given that Euler has more numbers, constants, theorems, formulas, and every other damn thing named after him than anybody else in the history of mathematics. But for my money, if you’re going to remember just one thing about Euler, it’s gonna be e.

    e0.693147181 Unfortunately, Spangler’s site doesn’t do permalinks to blog postings, so click through today if you want to read the bit I’ve quoted from.

    e1.09861229 Disclaimer: I wrote the foreword to her first book collection, so take that into account when judging my recommendation. It’s not like I get any more or anything, but clearly I’m on Team Otter.

    It’s gonna be e.

    You’re welcome.

    Argh. The first sentence in that last comment is this link:

    Again: you’re welcome.

    Were you aware that apparently Jon Rosenberg is going to start doing Goats again?

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