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Things That Happen Today, Or In About A Month. We’re Not Picky.

About now as I’m writing this, the last — hopefully not too frantic — polishes are being put on two corners of webcomics, each of which will lead to new and hopefully wonderful things. A third corner is polishing up something different, but we won’t be able to tell how shiny it gets for a while.

  • Firstly, this:

    Hi everyone. I quit my job today. I will be working on Gunnerkrigg full time now. There will be a proper announcement on Monday.

    Tom Siddell has made the leap into full time comickin’, and I believe all right-thinking folk will agree that he’s going to do very, very well. If absolutely nothing else comes of it (and much will), he won’t have to hold himself to doing three strips on the weekend before allowing himself to relax any longer. Best of luck, Tom, your comics are great and you should feel great.

  • Wondercon 2012 opens in a couple of hours, and anybody making the annual trip to San Francisco should first realize they’re in the wrong place, on account of it’s in Anaheim this year. Um, sorry ’bout that. Webcomicky people are to be found there in the small press and main floor area, including (but mostly likely not limited to:

    Small Press

    Table 11 Jimbo Hillin and the Wire-Heads crüe.
    Table 48 Evan “Overside” Dahm and Kel “Sorcery 101and also some fairy tales” McDonald.
    Table 49 Kory Bing, who does many things, as does Sfé Monster, along with Dave Shabet who mostly does Dead Winter.
    Table 51 Party Tymez with Ananth and Yuko and Becky and Frank and maybe you.
    Table 53 Ben Costa, Dean of Iron Crotch studies at Iron Crotch University¹.

    Main Floor

    Booth 452 More keen-ness than you can handle with Keenspot.
    Booth 504 The closest thing to functional adults in our community, Professors Foglio.
    Booth 615 A man haunted by a house move which is still in progress², Dave Kellett.
    Booth 617 Did somebody call for handsome men? Kris Straub and David Malki ! heed your cry.
    Booth 716 The poster children for Kids, Don’t Do That, Danielle Corsetto and Randy Milholland; give ’em both a big ol’ kiss for me.

  • Are you the sort that wonders where you can spend your hard-earned entertainment dollar in a month or so? Simple! You should give it to Jorge Cham, who in return will send you The PhD Movie either via stream or DVD! The countdown timer on the movie page is, even as we speak, ticking forward at a rate of one second per second, towards that golden day (15 April) when you can enact this transaction. Yay!

¹ Since the Shi Long Pang books are published by Iron Crotch University Press, it follows that there would have to be an Iron Crotch University, right? I just want to know what their sports mascot is. I bet its nickname is “Rusty”.

² Prediction: if you ask him how the house move is going, he will likely be his answering with Buuuuhhhh.

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