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Being A Journal Of The Plague Couple-Of-Days

Those of you that perhaps have been wondering where I’ve been for a couple of days, I’ve been sick. In a hotel room in Boston¹, bringing eldritch horrors from beyond sanity out of my lungs and into an unsuspecting world². I’ve been almost entirely off the grid in that time, a fact more than balanced by the twenty or so extra hours of sleep that I’ve managed to cram in there. Tomorrow looks to be similarly disrupted, this time due to travel³. By the time I get home and figure out with my boss where things sit businesswise, it will probably be the weekend.

So screw it, check back on Monday when everybody’s back in proper working order. It’ll probably take me that long just to figure out what I’ve missed in my fever-times. For example, I just saw a comment from reader Unnatural20 (good one) that Lore Sjöberg has managed at least a partial resurrection of the spammer beset Bad Gods, meaning that my favorite Sjöbergian joke construction of all time (“And I’m Dave!never gets old) has at least some examples back where they can be appreciated. So yay for that.

¹ To be fair, a very nice hotel room, and the staff have been magnificent the past 48 hours or so as I’ve been holed up, cranky, burning through their supply of Kleenex like a hot truck through butter. Also, when you call them on the phone, they bring you food, no matter how disgusting and disease-ridden you might be. The staff of The Onyx rocks, collectively and individually.

² Before you ask, no, not in the chestburster fashion, but believe me I felt more than once that it would have been preferable to what I actually went through.

³ Although I am once again well enough to engage in the actions of commerce, my client decided that losing 40% of the contact hours meant it made more sense to just scrap the week and try again another time. Can’t argue with that too much, really.

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