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The Rush To The Airport Is Certain To Be Rewarded With Flight Delays

Busy, busy, busy. Please enjoy David Malki ! gettin’ all philosophical in this bitch. For those of you that like word balloons, I prefer the punchline in the extended version.

Also, for those of you that like logistics (guilty!), Rich Burlew is doing everything right with his massively successful Kickstart, providing followup progress reports on the massive job of fulfilling all the pre-orders. Also included in that latest report are breakdowns on failed pledges:

So we’ve gotten the final tally for how many pledges went through, and the total of all pledges that were dropped (due to irresolvable processing errors or the like) added up to just $3954.00 from 61 backers. That represents just 0.32% of our final pledge total, or less than one-third of one percent. That is shockingly low; you’ll remember that I allowed for 5% of all the money pledged to drop out due to complications. So congratulations to you: As a group, you have excellent credit. [emphasis original]

Many thanks to Burlew for being so transparent — he’s setting the standard for future campaigns. And I’m sure that Kickstarter and Amazon ain’t complaining today, either:

We also have the final total for how much we paid to Kickstarter and Amazon in fees: $106,799.87, divided up among the two companies in a way that would require more math to explain than I feel like doing. It does represent 11.71% of my completed pledge totals, which is a little higher than I had counted on (10%). Still, given how much extra I had allowed for dropped pledges, it’s not a problem at all.

Holy cats, that’s a lot. Between this and Double Fine, Kickstarter are off to a really good start this year.

Rich made an error in calculating the % KS and Amazon took. To quote the update #30 thread, “Umm, math quesiton. 106K out of 1,250K (roughly) is only 8.5% of the total and not 11.7% or so. I presume both places take their cut off the total sale which includes shipping since that is not a line item on the pledge amounts. All they see is a total dollar value. That percentage is much more in line with expectations. Not sure what math you used tor the 11.7% number.”

Rich replied, ”

Rich Burlew about 15 hours ago

@Peter Standley: Obviously, I used the math that I am bad at. I divided the wrong thing into the other wrong thing instead of the right thing into the other right thing.”

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