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Doing My Best To Ignore Kickstarter For A Little While

Honestly, though — it’s fascinating. There’s a tweakability to to, but it’s working with so many variables that the likelihood of every coming up with a simple, reproducible formula to ensure maximum response/value is very, very low. I imagine it will help if you’re a good chess player and like managing your city outputs in Civilization¹. In the meantime, how about some things that are entirely not related to fundraising?

  • Let’s start with another theme that I was repeating for a good long while — how awesome Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol. Having taken a number of recognitions and honors (including those of YALSA, CYBILS, Kirkus, and the prestigious “Fleenie”), Brosgol’s story is a nominee for a Bram Stoker Award by the Horror Writers Association in the category of Graphic Novel².
  • From Ryan Estrada’s Google+ stream and/or Tumblr, evidence of the popularity of webcomics in Korea:

    I was in a Love Hotel. The super fancy kind, with an in-room hot tub overlooking the ocean, and a private theater. When I turned on the home theater, there were three options. Movies, TV, and webcomics.

    Porn was not even among the first set of options. That was several clicks through the menu. That means that a large enough group of people will come to this place, look at all their options, and say “Baby, let’s snuggle up in bed and read some webcomics on the big screen.”

    I think I speak for everybody when I say that I’m both proud and a little scared that webcomics are easier to obtain than porn in a setting that is deliberately designed to promote sexytimes. Also, I want to thank the operators of that love hotel, in that they’ve provided a wonderful excuse for anybody caught there with the wrong person: Baby, we were just catching up on webcomics!³

¹ Where meeting your goal in plenty of time is like discovering Railroad and Flight while your opponents are still fielding armies of longbowmen and knights.

² Where her competition are the likes of Mike Mignola and Alan Freakin’ Moore.

³ If that ever happens to anybody, I solemnly promise that I will get Brad Guigar to illustrate it and send the original to the offending party.

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