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Annnnd … Time!

As I write this, Rich Burlew’s Kickstarter has just closed, with a total of US$1,253,509 [see update below]. There may be some late updating due to catching up on transactions and all, but I think I speak for all of us when I say Dang. I will never again doubt the power of pent-up demand; the slope of the line in the graph is the steepest of the entire campaign here at the end. It’s practically vertical. I wonder how much Burlew’s last pre-close update had to do with it:

I have two more lines; these are the last lines there will be. The first is obvious; $1,120,000 adds another comic to my consecutive run later. The other [at US$1,260,000] is the last Mystery Prize. Are you willing to leave it a mystery forever? Are you? [emphasis original]

PS: Regarding the Mystery Prize, that was a real nail-biter. I kept expecting to hear the Team Fortress 2 announcer declare Oh-va-time.

Edit to add: At publication time, the number cited above was what Kickstarter reported; in the time since it has shifted to US$1,254,120, which we’ll take as the actual, official, for-reals final total. Thanks for playing along at home, everybody!

That variation between the close of time and final money happens because if someone is in the process of backing a project at the last minute, they can take as long as they need to link up the approval from Amazon (so long as they don’t close the window). I had the same thing happen on my last one.

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