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Ocean, Ho (Not To Be Confused With The Far Ruder “Ocean Ho”)

Things are coming up — some on the horizon, some in the more immediate future.

  • For example, if the worst were to happen and the MS Westerdam were to encounter bad fortune¹ next week, not only would Jonathan Coulton, Paul, Storm, the Honorable John Hodgman, Wil Wheaton, and numerous other luminaries of our popular culture be forced to live out a sitcom existence like monkeys, so too would be lost some of society’s waste products. One would hope that the inherent value of personages such as David Willis and Joel Watson might be recognized but let’s face it — they’re gonna be the first ones cannibalized³. Sadly, this means we may never learn the outcome of Willis’s slash contest, wherein he is inviting you to draw his characters making out — and if you can’t draw, cosplay is acceptable.
  • Looking a little further out to the future, the first really big conventions of the season are coming up; oh, sure, Katsucon and MegaCon are serving as warm-ups this weekend, but the real six-months-plus slog/death march starts in earnest mid-March with WonderCon and hits full stride with Emerald City4 two weeks later. Any/all webcomickers planning to hit the shows, feel free to drop a note to us so we can include you in the lists; Jennie Breeden has already started the listing/map for Calgary at the end of April.
  • Finally, looking forward to the end of summer, the Baltimore Comic Con will once again host the Harvey Awards, which will again be emceed by Scott Kurtz5. But since the Harveys are both nominated and voted upon by comics industry pros, we should point out that the nominating ballot [PDF] is now available and due back 16 April. Let the bloc voting begin!

¹ Not sunk with all persons aboard consigned to a watery grave; more like the episode of The Love Boat where all the regulars except Isaac the bartender² wound up stranded on an island by a storm.

² Oh sure, leave the black guy behind.

³ While we all know that Wheaton won’t let anybody die on his watch, he is down one fan-hugging arm and that may impede his heroic intentions.

4 A mere one day after the hotel scramble for this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

5 Check out his Harveys 2009 intro Blam, or the intro in 2010 via Fake Stan Lee.

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