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Like An Unbalanced Clothes Washer

As I sit here, thinking about webcomics for your amusement, that is what a motor inside my house’s furnace sounds like. A very nice man named Jared has just gone to fetch the part that will fix my furnace so that I may have heat; the price attached to this part is not something I wanted to hear¹. My dog² just knows that a new person was in the house and will be coming back soon oh boy oh boy oh boy. Forgive me if I’m rambling; it’s a combination of cold and carbon monoxide paranoia, yay.

  • The idea of storyline as ebook proof of concept appears to be gaining steam, as Brad Guigar³ compiled a recent Evil, Inc storyline (with roots going back four years or so), one that threatened to change everything you know forever!! Naturally, being comics, “change forever” lasted about six weeks (and brought Guigar some criticism from his readers; I thought he might have milked it another six months easy and really cheesed ’em off), but we’re getting away from the major point here.

    Much like Rich Stevens’s recent foray into free e-books (not to be confused with his future foray into free e-books), Guigar’s testing waters, figuring out what works for various devices, and learning how to best make things tablet-friendly. I’m guessing in another few months, this experimentation will be common enough that we won’t even notice when a creator mentions they’re diving in.

  • Wanna see something pretty? Chris Yates has photos of the second tranche of mass-market Baffler! puzzles, due this spring. Start here and work your way through the pretty pictures.
  • Have you heard of Solid Saints? Long story short, they’re a charitable works aggregator — people that want to make a difference (but lack large economic resources) are matched up with people who are looking for goods/services of a unique nature (and don’t mind the proceeds being used for something more meaningful than lining the pockets of a heartless corporation4.

    The goods/services are auctioned by Solid Saints, and all proceeds go to Child’s Play, and the ramp-up period comes to an end at 9:00pm PST (GMT-8) tonight when the auctions launch. Three days later, all the cash gets totaled up and we find out how much it was.

    Of particular interest to readers of this page, perhaps: an original comic by KC Green, a bundle o’ fun from Anthony Clark, and custom art by Nic “Tynic” Carey, who some of you may recall was an original contributor to this site and who presently spends her days creating robots with meat brains5. Now who wouldn’t want to have art created by a woman that has meat-brained robots6 at her disposal? Only people who have lost all joy in life, that’s who. Get bidding.

¹ Were I a creator, it would sound like, “Time to sell some originals and take some commissions.”

² Portrait by Mary Cagle.

³ He’s dreamy.

4 Foreign sweatshop/migrant labor optional.

5 I’m oversimplifying here somewhat, but when you start throwing around terms like neurobiology and mechatronics, most people start to tune you out.

6 Possibly of the “killer” variety.

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