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So Much Depressing News In Comics These Days

Let’s just end the week on an encouraging thought: the best creator-owned work remains as good as it ever was, and just keeps getting better. I have an embarrassingly large backlog of print collections to read, and I’m at least four or five books behind in my ordering. People will support good work, to the extent that as I write this, Rich Burlew and Double Fine are exactly US$8000 shy of having raised US$2 million dollars between them. That’s not Do this project, worry about next year later money, it’s Future investments and self-sustaining infrastructure money.

Oh, and today I realized that KC Green would absolutely kill as a New Yorker cartoonist. Feel free to tell him I said so at the TopatoCo Tag Sale next weekend.

Is this so-called webcomics blog about webcomics turning into a kickstarter blog about kickstarters or is just nothing else happening?

(The Double Fine kickstarter isn’t even about webcomics, man, come on.)

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