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Happy Hourly Comics Day, Y’All

Today, many are creating a comic (simple is fine) to describe what you’ve been doing each hour of the day. Haven’t been reading them? Pick a webcomicker, check their twitterstream, there’s a good chance they’ve got the comics there. My favorites today have been from Anthony “Nedroid” Clark, even though (as of this writing) he’s only up to 1:00pm. Special notice should, as always, should be given to John Campbell, probably the most prolific practitioner of Hourly Comics, as he’s spent the majority of days in the months of January 2006-2012 drawing them.

  • For your consideration: Rich Stevens is making plans:

    I guess it’s time to see if I can Kickstarter a humongous comprehensive ebook edition when I hit comic #3,000.

    That strip he mentioned, number 3000? Number 2992 went up today and he updates like friggin’ clockwork, so you can expect it on Monday, 13 February 2012. Mark your calendars, bet the farm, bet the kid’s insulin money — it’ll be there, and then we’ll see what a 3000-comic collection looks like. My guess: pixelicious¹!

  • Speaking of countdowns to things happening on Monday the 13th: Reptilis Rex launches then. The mysterious protection-program participant known as “William Tallman” will be teaching us all about secrets of the lizard-men from the hollow earth. Looks educational.
  • Finally, in today’s BurleWatch™, sometime in the past 10-12 hours, the Order of The Stick reprint drive crossed the US$343,416 mark, making it one of the Top Ten of All Time Kickstarter projects. As of this writing, it’s nearly ten thousand dollars further on (US$355,223 to be specific), and probably in the 8th or better slot.

    Near as I can tell, the top fundraiser of all time is this (admittedly cool) design project from December of 2010, with a total of US$942,578 from more than 13,000 supporters. I’m not quite sure that Burlew can hit those kinds of numbers, but he is more than a third of the way on both money and supporter count in about a third of his allotted time, so I’m not counting anything out at this point.

¹ Shut up, it is too a word.

You were completely accurate when you wrote this. But he’s now at $372K, putting him at sixth overall. The other five projects are all in the top 3 most-funded per category. Seventh place is at $369,569.

The top five amounts:

[…] to Darren Gendron (himself no stranger to Kickstarter campaigns) and his well-researched comment of yesterday, we can now track which All-Time Highest-Funded Kickstaters Ever have fallen to Rich Burlew’s […]

That Reptilis Rex comic reminds me of the work of the original artist on Not Invented Here.

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