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Guh. Sick.

So let me just point you towards some nicely informative (verging on rebuttal) comments from Gordon McAlpin regarding my characterization of iBooks Author’s EULA yesterday. He may be my one-time nemesis¹, but Gord² is a smart guy.

Oh, and because it’s easier than constantly pointing out how they’re doing:

Whatever number is associated with that OoTS campaign³, just assume I’m muttering Holy crap under my breath.

¹ Cf: here and here for the full story.

² Can I call him “Gord”? That’s really got more of a Canadian feeling to it. Although it does offer some intriguing possibilities regarding movie puns. Klaatu barada nikto, y’all.

³ So to speak.

Re: (2)… Please don’t. :)

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