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Told You The Week Was Front-Loaded

I’ve been waiting all day for some news to officially break so that I can expand on things, and it stubbornly refuses to.

Break, that is.

In the meantime, let me note with some amazement that Rich Burlew (cf: yesterday) is also running a Kickstarter with the intent of putting some older volumes of Order of the Stick books back in print. In about three days, more than 2000 backers have raised more than US$97,000, overachieved his goal by more than two-thirds (those full-color, full-size glossy books don’t come cheap), and still have 27 days left to go.

Oh, and he’s got the second most-funded comics Kickstart ever (by a margin of more than US$50,000), and is rapidly closing in on slot #1. These numbers are changing even as I type this, so expect significantly larger numbers by the time things wrap on 21 February.

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