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Probably the final followup on Monster Alphabet, whose tally hit US$25,078 or 5015.6% of goal as fundraising closed. Project creator Darren Gendron did tweet the worst-case clawback:

Looking over the numbers, at the most I lost 30 backers and $408. SD¹ lost 1/$50, but there’s almost 5x the backers for MA.

So, at absolute worst, Monster Alphabet raised US$24,670 (a mere 4934% of goal), which probably still sets some kind of record. There doesn’t appear to be an easy to to find the most over-funded projects on Kickstarter, but after a bit of poking around I unearthed only one that exceed Gendron’s approximately-5000% success: a 15,454% funded sculptural skulls project. If anybody has data to support other projects with a high percentage of success please let us know, but for now I’m willing to declare Gendron the holder of the #2 slot in the Overkill category.

One last thought — in case anybody is getting sick of Kickstarter stories, you might want to skip Monday’s update, on account of I’ve gotten a heads-up on a campaign that will possibly melt your brain in a good way. Just sayin’.
¹ Scurvy Dogs, a boardgame and an earlier successful Kickstarter campaign.

Monster Alphabet goes down as No. 7 in all-time overkill.

I didn’t write down what each of the projects were, but I did put together a list of percentages, categories, and what each project’s initial goal was. The Design category is rife with these super percentages:

134,090% design ($100 goal)
15,454% art ($500 goal)
11,279% design ($2.5K goal)
6,741%d design ($2.5K goal)
6,283% design ($15K goal)
5,430% design ($3K goal)

Also of note, the way Kickstarter tracks things, they lock in that final number for records, even if you don’t actually get that amount entirely. So by their records, I’ll be at US$25,078 or 5015.6%.

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