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Get Your Archive Trawls In Today

Despite a lack of support from the White House, and an indefinite shelving in the House, the US Senate is still due to consider Roll Over And Play Nice For The Music And Movie Industries legislation¹ in the immediate future; as a result, tomorrow is set to be a wide-ranging day of protest with many of the internet’s largest sites going dark. One may reasonably conclude that especially geek-related webcomics² may be motivated to do likewise (see how many you can find in this list, which was the most comprehensive I could find).

  • In fact, the one webcomicker I’ve found that publicly stated he won’t be going dark (Darren “Dern” Gendron of Hello With Cheese) is only doing so because he can’t reasonably black out his site for 24 of the last 30 hours of his Kickstarter campgain. We at Fleen would be remiss if we didn’t point out that said campaign, for a children’s alphabet primer featuring woo scary monsters is currently at 4260% of goal (no missing decimal, that’s more than 40× the original US$500 goal) and 990 backers with just over two days to go.

    I do not mean to imply that Gendron could easily coast on his Kickstart because he’s obliterated the goal; I want to congratulate him because holy crap that is one monster-sized³ success. Also, future Kickstart campaigns should study what Gendron did very, very closely4 because dag, he might actually clear 5000% of goal by the time things are done. Tune in Thursday and we’ll find out together if it happened.

  • Pointed out to me by Box “Box” Brown: Study Group, the online presence of Study Group magazine, an “anthology/criticism hybrid”, featuring a pretty substantial webcomics section. I’m still going through all the ongoing stories and one-shots, which come from a wide and impressively talented group (Xeric winner and indy-comics luminary Farel Dalrymple is merely the name most well known to me from the list of contributors).

    In all, it strikes me like a constantly-updating version of what Brown’s doing with his Retrofit Comics, bringing indy creators together under a common banner for the increased mindshare that a single branding can provide. You’re pretty much guaranteed to find something here that you like.

  • Finally, it appears that I was not alone in my response to Heidi MacDonald’s annual comics survey, at least with respect to Person of the Year. Kate Beaton had a stellar 2011, and I can only imagine what she does from here on out5.

¹ Also known as the Stop Internet Online Piracy Act (House) and Protect IP Act (Senate). Edited to correct typo.

² That is, all of them.

³ So to speak.

4 My guess is it’s driven by the uniqueness of the item in question and the low buy-in point — $US12 — to get a copy of that item.

5 I’ve pretty much given up hope that I can ever convince her to sell me the original of either strip #40 or #208, but one never knows. In this case, one never knows when Beaton will draw a comic that I want to own even more than those two.

Not to be picking nits, but it’s the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA in the House.

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