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Once Upon A Time

In a land not quite so far from here sore lacking in etiquette, many did wander from poor behavior to poor behavior, wandering until they had worn out three pairs of iron-bound shoes, wandering until their eyes grew dim with none to instruct them in the ways of interpersonal interactions. In this land was a prophecy, hidden in a gem, the gem hidden in a duck, the duck locked away in a great wooden chest, a prophecy that contained all the secrets of Please and Thanks-You.

A pair of wise queens proposed to find the chest and in the chest the duck and in the duck the gem, and to share the knowledge with all the land, and the wise queens found among the people those willing to aid them in their quest, and they set out to let people know to Stop Doing That Were You Raised In A Barn Or Something¹. They cast their knowings to all who were smart enough to desire them, and that is how Nerddom became just a bit less rude and more considerate.

Okay, that’s harder than it looks. How about something a little less grandiloquent for the rest of today’s news?

¹ This was a somewhat unusual land for such tales, as it turned out that none of the people had, in fact, been raised in a barn and thus had no excuse.

² Occasional in the sense that they occasionally put on a show, not that they are occasionally Ryan and Joey, which they are pretty much all of the time.

Hi- I’m Jared- draw a webcomic called Pea Green Coffee Cup. Anyhow- just happened on this site and I love it! Great stuff!

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