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Happy Birthday To The Sexiest Sumbitch In The World

R Stevens 3, of course. He’s following the tradition of hobbits and giving you presents today, the day of his birth. Also, he has now met the legal requirements to be President of the United States of America.

  • Remember how I talked about all the stuff Becky Dreistadt & Frank Gibson were doing, and how not all of it had been revealed yet? Two more pieces have been, with a gorgeous, limited edition two-piece Adventure Time screen print coming out sometime tomorrow from Mondo Tees (watch their blog and/or twitterfeed for the exact on-sale time, and expect the 185 sets to go quickly). Mere hours later, the Adult Swim themed show at Gallery 1988 opens with a reception¹ from 7:00 to 10:00pm at the Melrose branch; Becky’s contribution pays homage to The Venture Bros².
  • Welcome return, or cruel toying with our affections? Tweet Me Harder drops episode #76 nearly ten months after the purported series finale [MP3]. Dare we hope that this marks a return to TMH glory?³
  • Eisner nominations are now open, with the criteria for Best Digital Comic not looking significantly different from prior years:

    The best digital comic category is open to any new, professionally produced long-form original comics work posted online in 2011. Webcomics must have a unique domain name or be part of a larger comics community to be considered. The work must be online-exclusive for a significant period prior to being collected in print form. The URL and any necessary access information should be emailed to Eisner Awards administrator Jackie Estrada:

  • Finally, the sad, sorry history of webcomics scrapers has hit a new low, as some bozo on Facebook is scraping content, redelivering without permission, and soliciting donations of cash which will totally be given back to the original creators, no really, promise it’s totally not a scam4. Randy Milholland has the details, and after a little preliminary digging at Facebook (I don’t have an account, so I could be wrong on this), it appears the category those getting hosed sideways can file a complaint under would be Intellectual Property Rights Infringement.

    Or it might be on grounds of Impersonation (since the app leaves the impression it’s associated with the comics in question) or Scams & Spam (since funds are being sought). Hopefully, Facebook doesn’t make each creator jump through these hoops and brings down the wrath of Zuckerberg quickly. In the meantime, I’m pretty sure the dipshit pulling this little game is thinking exactly like the person who recently plagued Jamie Smart so.

¹ Read: booze and snacks.

² Unrelated, but last night in Providence, Rhode Island, while on my way to enjoy a quiet evening¹ with Fleen publisher (and Dumbrella Hosting impressario) Phillip Karlsson, I passed an industrial-looking building for rent with what looked exactly like the Venture Industries logo. I tried to get a picture, but it was too dark.

³ Probably not.

4 It’s a scam.

Seems like he’s doing that to me as well — though in my case the only thing he’s doing wrong is trying to charge money for it (and since he’s soliciting donations, not actually charging access, I guess that’s sort of borderline). But he just lucked out in my case. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care about the specifics of licensing terms in the least.

No, he’s pretty much flat-out stealing from everyone else.

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