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Also, Umlauts

I have a feeling that I’m getting in trouble for today’s opinion-mongering.

  • So there was a piece written today regarding a fairly famous slinger of words, how those words fit into a webcomic, and the insight one may gain into the workings of that writer’s mind. There was also an interview with Chris Onstad about the Achewood hiatus. As informative as I found the Onstad interview by Laura Hudson¹, it seemed familiar — Onstad wants to work in prose, the short panel comic format doesn’t interest him as it once did, burnout is a terrible thing, merchandise fulfillment brings him no joy.

    By contrast, I found Jerry Holkins conveyed his feelings on having his brain chemistry [un]regulated in a way that I hadn’t seen before; this may be more due to my aggressively searching out news of Onstad when he went on hiatus last year, and not having seen Holkins talk on this topic so much previously (although I do recall a particularly incisive episode of PATV on the topic).

    None of which should be construed as criticism of Onstad, who is not my bitch; I simply cannot conceive of a life where my email resembles Onstad’s:

    Actually, I just recently got my first hate mail since I got back to work. I was like, what took you so long? …
    I don’t know, I almost don’t want to bother dissecting why people do this. This guy writes me and is like, “I don’t see why you bothered coming back. You’re just trying to be as cool as you used to be, and it’s not working. Why do you hate your readers?”

    In general, the back third of the interview was the most interesting, as Hudson and Onstad got specifically into the economics of webcomics, and that’s a good read.

  • Hey, Sparky, where will you be on Friday evening? If your answer isn’t On an airplane from Rhode Island to New Jersey², it should be At the Johnny Wander 2 book release party in Brooklyn. Bergen Street Comics has a justly-deserved reputation as one of the best stores in the Northeast, and given the sheer density of webcomickintalent in and around Brooklyn, I’d say there’s an excellent chance of meeting some quality creators above and beyond the evening’s headliners. Fun starts at 8:00pm, and includes a live delivery of advice from John. I’d like to tell you that John is much less scary in person than he appears to be in the comic, but I’m afraid it’s only marginally true.

¹ Who may have been induced to drink Chartreuse, which if you have not had it is sort of the monastic version of Jägermeister, or possibly Malört, in that there’s a million herbals and botanicals in there. Unlike the others, however, Chartreuse can be made to play nice with others in a cocktail. My theory is that mixability is negatively correlated with umlauts.

² As mine is, dammit.

my theory is it’s negatively correlated with horrible german schnapps, but then I’ve been overexposed lately.

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