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Six Years, More Or Less

If you will allow me a brief moment of sincerity, I’d like to thank webcomics (as a whole, a community, and that fraction that reads this page in particular) for giving me the opprtunity to opine at you on a regular basis. You are, on balance, the finest people that a hack webcomics pseudojournalist could hope to interact with for more than half a decade. See you in 2012 for more wild speculation, blatant fanboyism, and torturous misuse of the English language.

Congrats on 6 great years! I visit your site daily and it’s always a source of entertainment and information. Thanks!

Thank you for 6 years of reading, reviewing, and editorial statements Gary. I don’t know where you get the time.

Thank you for such consistent, interesting and diverse topics. I don’t reply often but I read every post.

has it been 6 years already? Wow!

Congrats, Gary! Your reports on Fleen have always been a delight to read. Keep it up, sir!

We appreciate your insights and finding the best illustrative successes on the net for us. I look forward to my daily dose of Fleen (wow, does that sound wrong). Shoot for six more year!

Rod Salm

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