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Happy Everything

Basically, everybody¹ has something that they celebrate at this time of year, and it’s likely that I’m the only one reading this because everybody else² is on their way to some gathering or other, possibly one that involves pie.

And booze. Sweet, sweet, drama-erasing and -inducing booze.

So as you make your way to your celebration, let the spirit of webcomics (as manifested in the Holy Trinity of North The Strong, Garrity The Tikiac, and Rohac The Destroyer) accompany you. Stay safe, and see you³ next week.

¹ And Guigar.

² And Guigar.

³ And that’s about beaten that joke into the ground. What can I say? If there’s one person who appreciates a running gag, it’s Brad4.

4 Guigar.

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