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Warning to readers with younger children: this post features hot, hot footnote action0.

  • The discussion in comment threads (plural) regarding the offer of Scott Kurtz¹ to consult with syndicates, syndicated cartoonists, or anybody that wants his² wisdom in applying an online bid’ness strategy remains mostly productive. Some of the discussion has spilled over to Webcomics Dot Com today (subscription required), the substantial gist of which can be read here at Fleen. For me, it’s just a pleasure to see Kurtz Guigar insist that their actions are not “dick-waving”. I think you might be overlooking another consulting opportunity for the ladies, Brad.

    In any event, the tone of the conversation seems to have settled again on what the “proper way of doing things” might be, vis-a-vis consulting. To which one might point out that while Kurtz³ makes no bones about being an actual consultant-type guy, he4 does have an office down the hall from an actual consultant-type guy. One that we can probably all agree is a supervillain-level genius with a track record and a sharp suit and every-damn-thing.

    The other issue I see being raised is whether or not small-scale solutions can scale upwards. The only real experiment we have of an individual attempting to do so continues to scale way the heck up. True, Mr CK is a comic, not a maker of comics, but I’d suggest that he has more in common with comickers than different. The model of the individual creative producer applies equally well in both cases. Now, may I suggest that we see what Kurtz5 can actually deliver before deciding it’s fruitless endeavour? I promise you, there will be ample opportunity for you to take him6 to task if it doesn’t work. Let’s let him7 actually fail before declaring the effort a failure.8

  • In other news:

    Child’s Play has reached our 2011 fundraising goal!!! $2.2mil and counting thanks to you, the community.

    Excellent work but don’t slack off, people. A year may come when Child’s Play will hit some kind of structural limit and not exceed the prior year’s fundraising, but it is not this year. Some US$95,000 will see to that, and I maintain that US$2.5 million is an attractively round number. Go. Give.

0 Also the words “Brad Guigar” in close proximity to the words “dick-waving”; you have been warned.

¹ And Guigar. Brad, you should just get Scott to change his name to have the footnote, it’d save me a lot of trouble.

² And Guigar’s.

³ And Guigar.

4 And, for once, not Guigar.

5 And Guigar.

6 And Guigar.

7 And Guigar.

8 This is not to say that I assume the effort will be a failure, only that pre-emptive declarations that failure is inevitable therefore the effort is pointless don’t actually accomplish anything.

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