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Fleen has learned exclusively what this mysterious tweet from Bill Barnes actually means. As we all know, Barnes does not believe in webcomics monogamy, partnering with Gene Ambaum on Unshelved for going on a decade, and with Paul Southworth on Not Invented Here for two years, two major storylines, and two books¹.

But Barnes has never been a one-partner guy and has been recently seen canoodling with Jeff Zugale. “Zugs”, as he is sometimes known, has been doing a lot of painting for things as varied as Little Fuzzy books and fanfic-inspiring Wil Wheatons. It’s been a while since he was able to update his own webcomic, but what the heck — you never forget how to ride a bicycle. While webcomicking. Or something.

Those worrying that Zugale’s style and Southworth’s are very, very different, well, that’s where you’re right. But Southworth is just relinquishing the art duties, and will continue on as co-writer of Not Invented Here, making NIH the second major three-way² partnership to launch this year.

And yeah, the news is actually up at NIH now, but when I got the tip³ it wasn’t, so that totally counts, right? Hey, you got an extra post today, so no whining.

¹ Okay, just one book so far, but there’s material sufficient for a second and no good webcomicker leaves a potential source of money untapped, so I expect a second in the future.

² Yes, yes, “He said ‘three-way’.”

³ It came in while I was asleep — damn time zones.

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