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I was all set to tell you about how I picked up the second SMBC collection at Midtown yesterday, and was pleased to see the return of the Choose Your Own story told in micro-squiggle-comics-vision in the top and bottom margins of the pages. This one picks up directly from the CYO in SMBC volume 1, and since most of those adventures ended with you miserable and/or dead, this one starts from the moment of your death and proceeds from there (possible endings include compromising pictures of the Pope and Sexy Curling in the afterlife). A clever and funny thing, starting from death.

Then I saw that Ricky Garduno died.

Garduno was a storyboard artist and contributor to Dumm Comics, occupying the Thursday slot with 1930 Nightmare Theatre from the collective’s founding in 2008 (shifting eventually to Mondays) until he drifted away in October of this year without finishing the story. He managed a couple of dark comics on Tumblr in the weeks since, and then he was gone.

I didn’t know you, Mr Garduno. I never met you, I didn’t follow your creative work, but looking through it now it’s clear that you were talented and possessed a vision and voice all your own. I’m sorry that I can’t say anything that will ease the loss and hurt of those that did know and love you. I offer my deepest condolences, and hope each can heal in their own way. Rest in peace.

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