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At this point, if there’s some kind of award or “Best Of” list that could conceivably be stretched to include humor, literature, cartoons, or Canadians, assume that Kate Beaton is on it. In the latest iteration, Hark! A Vagrant comes in as #7 on the Time magazine Top Ten Fiction Books of 2011 list. In the words of presenter (noted author and general webcomics appreciator) Lev Grossman:

It’s tough to say what list this book belongs on, but it’s the debut of a smart, funny, wholly unique voice, and it ought to be somewhere, so let’s put it here…. Whatever else it might be, Hark! A Vagrant is the wittiest book of the year.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

And within the past half-hour the one-fourth of the Cyanide & Happiness crüe known as Rob¹ tweeted a link² that informs us that Comedy Central has a C&H project in development:

From the creators of the Cyanide and Happiness web comics and shorts comes a half-hour animated show featuring the twisted humor of a world populated by glorified stick figures. Executive produced and created by Kristipher Matthew Wilson, Robert Andrew DenBleyker, David McElfatrick and Matthew Melvin.

I’m smelling back-to-back programming with South Park. Oh, and I hope whoever it was at ICE that initially decided that C&H co-creator Dave McElfatrick didn’t need to be admitted to the US has finally come to learn the error of his or her³ ways. Dave, Kris, Matt, and Rob may have a long road ahead of them before things actually make it to air, but since they have a habit of knuckling down, doing their work, and bringing the funny on a daily basis, I’d say the odds are in their favor.

Congrats to everybody at Explosm Amalgamated Laugh-Chuckles, and note that the time until the Family Research Council [no link ’cause screw those guys] issues its first my-stars-and-garters we’re shocked, shocked I say! press release decrying the C&H show as causing the the utter downfall of Western Civilization begins now.

¹ Mr DenBleyker if you’re nasty.

² Also, one should note that DenBleyker got scooped on his own announcement, as comics reporting supastar Heidi MacDonald tweeted the news a full half-hour earlier and had a news posting up even before then. I don’t know how she does it, but some day I have to learn her secret powers.

³ Fine, fine … thon ways. Happy now, Ryan North?

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I think Heidi’s “secret power” is that she remembers everyone she meets, and she has met thousands of people.

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