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Four And A Half

Today I am stuck at the mercy of people with no sense of “agreed upon starting time”. On the one hand, there is very little that’s more guaranteed to annoy me than wasting my precious few remaining heartbeats because you can’t be bothered to show up. On the other hand, I have network access and webcomics willing to entertain me. What wonders might quell my murderous rage?

  • There’s an excellent appreciation of everybody’s favorite character-driven webcomic, Octopus Pie (by everybody’s favorite Brooklynian, Meredith Gran) over at Comics Alliance today; Lauren Davis (seen spreading comicky wisdoms in places both high and low) is closer to Gran’s age cohort than I am, and has some insights that have always escaped me in my readings of OctoPie. I love finding a completely new perspective on something I’ve followed for a long time; given that Gran’s been releasing Eve and Hanna’s stories for more than four and a half years, finding new nuances is a real thrill.
  • Readers of this page know that if there’s one thing I adore with all my heart, it’s The Abominable Charles Christopher; Karl Kerschl has poured all of his considerable skill into his epic tale of a silent ape-man for four and a half years. With Chapter Two just finished, Kerschl’s busy deciding precisely which heart-strings to tug and funny bones to tickle among his audience, and he’s filling the time with guest strips. He could scarcely have gotten a better launch strip for Guest Times than yesterday’s marvel from Yuko-and-Ananth¹, taking us back to our favorite woodland shrink for a rousing game of Dungeons and Nonviolent Interpersonal Conflict Resolution.
  • Visual sighting and pre- (pre-?) order announcement on the long-awaited Choo-Choo Bear plush from the mind of Randy Milholland and the business empire of the unsighted mustelid. It’ll probably be some time next week before the (pre-?) orders go live, but more than likely they will be somewhere in the vicinity of here². From Milholland’s Tumblennouncement of the plush’s imminence:

    I am really, really excited right now. I’ve wanted a Choo-Choo plush to exist for about four, five years.

    Huh. That’s about … four and a half years?

  • Perhaps filled with great resolve after yesterday’s Boxing Day panorama of Brownness, Box Brown announced availability of the first collected volume of Everything Dies. Given that not all of the individual ED issues are still available, and that those that are will run you $5 for 32 — 48 pages of story, the $17 that The Great Disappointment will set you back for more than 200 pages may just qualify it as the bargain of the year. Heck, this collection of beginner’s eschatology³ might be the bargain of the past four and a half years.

¹ Notionally two separate people, but many who have met “them” in person will swear that they are in fact one hive mind, so cleanly integrated are their artistic sensibilities.

² Countdown to the first person to do something rude with a Choo-Choo Bear plush and a McPedro plush starts … now.

³ Look it up.

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