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Stuff For You To Enjoy And/Or Purchase In The Forthcoming Holiday Season

Following up from yesterday — you can see the full Q interview with Kate Beaton at the CBC’s website. It’s really good.

  • I was wondering why xkcd was late in posting yesterday — Randall Munroe was off on one of his enormous ass-images, this one explaining money. Seriously, almost everything you wanted to know about money, debt, taxes, expenditures is in one zoomable image¹. To make it easier to consider, said ass-image is in the xkcd store as a poster — or even better, as four posters that can be tiled together.

    This might be the most useful and informative image that Monroe’s ever done, even moreso than the radiation dose chart. Go spend an hour staring into the strange world of money, spend another two hours learning about The Giant Pool of Money, and you’ll be better informed than almost everybody you know².

  • At the far opposite end of the spectrum from the Enormous Ass-Piles of Money, you have individual creators making things out of their brains and — to varying degrees — with their own hands. From David Malki ! (taking a rare moment of respite from all of his Machine of Death project-noodling) comes the latest iteration of the Wondermark calendar.

    It’s screenprinted by hand on lovely, thick paper and really reminds you what the product of limited-run, artisinal effort is like. I almost missed out on last year’s offering, but Malki ! emailed me personally to let me know he’d hold one against my order in case I’d overlooked it (which I had). NO such danger this year — my order’s already in.

  • Not quite so done-directly-by-the-artist, but just as authentic an expression of individual vision: Evan Dahm is Kickstartering the one-volume edition of Order of Tales; he’s more than 35% along in his 30 day campaign since yesterday, so it’s a pretty sure thing that he’s going to make goal (with massive over-goal achievement meaning that many more copies of a really big book underfoot at Dahm’s apartment until they can get mailed out).

    The only variable is how many people will indicate that they definitely want the hardcover super-duper edition of OoT as opposed to the softcover merely-duper edition. My guess is that both editions will feature the promised foreword by living comics legend (and guy who knows about one-volume editions) Jeff Smith.

¹ Okay, fine, he doesn’t go into the technical definitions of types of money like M1 and M2, but unless you’re my sophomore-year mandatory economics class, you probably don’t care.

² You’ll probably also change at least one of your cherished opinions along the way.

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